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If you’re anything like me, you love scrolling through Pinterest and cruising all the mom-related pins. If you’re also like me, you probably totally fall down the rabbit-hole and can easily spend way too much time looking for the perfect dinner recipe for tonight or an awesome new activity for your kids.

Do you ever see fun, beautiful handmade crafts and costumes for you kids and think, “Holy cow! I wish I could do something like that…”

As an engineer and an all-around crafty person, I’m always hearing this myself. People want to know how I made that. Did I design it myself? They would love to do something like that. And they think they could never do it. But that’s not true…

Ever seen How I Met Your Mother? If you know the show at all, you know main character Ted is an architect. He designs and draws up building plans.

Could you imagine if he actually attempted to build them too?

Did you hurt yourself laughing so hard?

I know, right. There’s no way in the world Ted Mosby could ever properly wield a hammer.

But that’s extremely normal. Those who are building are using blueprints someone else created.

And I love creating those designs to help you! I’ll figure out all the numbers and lines of the design. You use my templates to bring magic to life for your babies!

I think all moms should have the opportunity to make things and play with their kids, so I’m going to fill up this space with templates and tutorials for some of my favorite play ideas.


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