How to Make a Birthday Chalkboard Poster

How to Make a Birthday Chalkboard Poster

Have you seen these gorgeous birthday chalkboard posters? I absolutely love them! They’re bright, beautiful, and a great snapshot of your child’s personality each year.

Hello, mamas! This project isn’t actually something to play with, but it is one I really love to make for my babies. And one I plan on doing again and again for years to come.

Let me show you how to make one!

Make a Birthday Chalkboard Poster - Chalkboard birthday signs are beautiful, but who has that kind of talent with chalk? Not me! And how long will a chalk sign actually last in a house with kids? I'd hate to leave that beautiful reminder. So we need an easy, safe poster version! Follow my super easy tutorial on how to make your own Birthday Chalkboard Poster that's just as beautiful as the real thing! |

These were originally done on real chalkboard, but we can do it on black poster board and it’ll look just as nice, and it’s a much cleaner process.

Now, you can free-hand draw all your text onto your poster if you want. I am definitely unable to do that. I can draw, but my handwriting looks like I’m trying to do calligraphy while riding down a dirt road. Especially when it’s big and on a poster.

No one ever picked me to decorate the hall in high school, that’s for sure.

I am a stickler for making my projects as neat as possible though, and that handwriting stuff is just unacceptable. So I let my computer help out.

It makes the project take quite a bit longer to finish, but I love the results so much I’ll never go back to attempting free-hand. If you need help keeping things clean-cut and pretty, check this out!

Print Your Chalkboard Text

The text on our kids’ posters aren’t going to match, of course. You’ll have to gather your own facts and decide which fonts you like best.

I made a couple examples of header fonts you can use. Mix and match. Make your own. Whatever you need.

I found most fonts need to be between 75 and 100 for the headers and between 50 and 70 for the smaller text. Play around with it. Print things out and see how big things are.

I wish I could help more with that step but I don’t know which movie is your baby’s favorite. But you got this, mama! Use all the pretty fonts you can find in Word. Google some. Especially for the name at the top. Make that a fun one!

Also, make the name very big. Like 200 or 250 size font. Whatever your design will allow. I added a couple different banners to the resource library as well, or make your own!

Then print everything out!

Cut Out Your Chalkboard Text

Don’t worry about cutting these words out nice and pretty. Just cut some of that white space away so you can lay the words down on your poster and plan where everything is going to go.

Cut out all your text for your Birthday Chalkboard Poster!

Next, arrange all your words on the poster board. Make sure everything fits just like you want it.

Don’t be like me and have fonts too big across the board and have to scrap it all and try again. Oops.

Make a Birthday Chalkboard Poster - Always test that all your text fits! |

Having a good design in mind and checking your font sizes as you go is a good plan. Silly me.

Transfer Your Text to Your Poster Board

Now this is the tedious part, mamas, but it makes for cool results. Take a word, flip it over, and scribble on the back. A wooden number two pencil works best because it has soft lead.

Make a Birthday Chalkboard Poster - Turn your words over and shade the back with a pencil to transfer the words to the poster board. |

Shade, scribble, get out some frustrations. You don’t have to cover the whole piece. Just where there are letters on the front. I hold mine up to the light to be sure I covered all the important parts.

It doesn’t have to be pretty and fully shaded in either. Just some scribbles, like I did in the picture.

Put the piece back in its spot and tape it down. Use as little tape as possible, because you’ll be pulling it back up again soon. It’ll keep your pieces from moving while you transfer though, so use at least two strips of tape.

Now, do the same to all your pieces.

It’s cool. I’ll wait.

Hey, lookit that. Your poster is looking like a birthday chalkboard!

Make a Birthday Chalkboard Poster - Your strips are all shaded and taped down. You're ready to transfer to words to the poster board! |

Now this part is much more fun. Time to trace the letters. I believe most of our kids practice writing their letters this way. Well, we’re getting ready to earn our PhDs in letter writing. Thankfully it’s in lots of fun fonts!

Just trace around the outside of each letter.

A hint! When you finish one piece of paper, put a check mark on it. It’s frustrating when you get to the end, strip them all off, and realize you forgot to do a word.

Make a Birthday Chalkboard Poster - Check off your words as you trace them so you don't skip any! |

Now you can take the paper off! Peel the tape gently so it doesn’t rip the poster. I’d suggest taking off a few pieces of paper at a time so you don’t smear pencil marks around.

Check it out! You have penciled on letters all ready for you to color in!

Make a Birthday Chalkboard Poster - When you remove your traced letters, you'll be left with your pretty letters lightly penciled onto the poster and ready to be filled in! |

Make Your Text Awesome Colors

Choose bright, bold colors that will stand out against the black. Markers, crayons, and color pencils really don’t cut it here. You need super sharpie pens!

I love using sharpies for projects. This one calls for special ones. There are paint-like versions that are opaque enough to cover the black. Even better, there are also shiny metallic ones, like these Bic Marking ones. That’s what I use. Shiny and in your face! Boom!

Make a Birthday Chalkboard Poster - You need to use bright, opaque markers that will show up on the black poster board. I use metallic Sharpies! |

Use any colors you want. All the colors. Just one color. Let’s make this baby pop!

Make a Birthday Chalkboard Poster - Color in all your lettering with whatever colors you like best. It'll really pop against the black! |

I love this part of a project, guys. We’ve been doing tedious stuff, working with blank canvases and nothing but a great idea and hope driving us forward. And suddenly, things are all coming together! The light at the end of the tunnel is reaching through and shining down on our pretty new poster.

Finish coloring in all your words and decorations.

Make a Birthday Chalkboard Poster - Your poster is finished and ready to display! |

Wow. Look what you have done, girl!

These are fun to display at birthday parties. Afterward, I frame mine and hang them on the wall in my little girl’s room.

I would absolutely love to see everyone’s posters! Send me some!

Take care, mamas!


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